Here are some questions you should ask the companies you are considering to hire, some seem simple but they are really important.

Are you a mover or a broker?

We are an actual moving company. This is a family owned business. We own the trucks, and it is our crew who loads and unloads your items.

• How can I get a quote for my move?

You can send us an email to [email protected] with your contact information, call our phone number 888-201-8989 or leave your contact information on the form here in our website. A representative will contact you to ask you about the size of your move. We normally ask our customers to provide us with a list of items that you are taking. Using that list, we can provide an accurate quote for your move.

Do you pack or should I?

Packing is a service we provide extra and is not cheap, so we advise you to pack as much as you can yourself. You can also purchase the extra service if you don’t want to pack at all. Fragile items we suggest you leave to the professionals either way, and update your relocation consultant in advance about them.

Will my price go up?

That depends if you need more space on our truck to move your items or not. It may happen due to miscalculation, more items added or stacking difficulties. In addition, we provide professional packing services but they are extra, and they should either be required in advance or if last minute packing issues come up.
We also charge for long carry, stairs or elevator fees, which is why it’s extremely important to consult your relocation consultant and update them with every single change.

What happens with my belongings after pickup?

If you are not ready immediately to receive your belongings on delivery, we can keep them in our storage until you are ready. We offer our customers 30 DAYS FREE STORAGE. After that, if you need more time, you can pay for additional time. When you are ready to receive your items on your new home, all we need to know is the delivery address and your First Available Date for Delivery. We send the first available truck, and the truck driver will drive as fast as possible to deliver your belongings.

What payment options do Best West accept?

On pickup you can pay with any payment method you want: cash, credit card, check, money order. On delivery, you can pay the remaining balance with either cash or postal money order.

What kind of insurance coverage can I have for my items?

We offer a basic insurance coverage at NO ADDITIONAL COST. This covers up to $0.60/lb. If you have items that are expensive, fragile or simply want additional insurance coverage you can purchase additional coverage. This option can cover up to the full value of your items but will have an additional cost.


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