Important Questions Towards Your Move – 1/7

Do you know how your move is being charged?

Since you’re moving quite an amount of items (even a studio apartment includes at least 10 boxes not including the furniture) between states, you’re probably getting quotes to move by weight (LBS) or space (CF-Cubic Feet) of items on the truck .
Both systems are legitimate and completely legal; HOWEVER, we personally stopped quoting by LBS several years ago as it created many problems for us.

  • No one knows how much you belongings weigh.
  • No one came to your house with a small scale to measure every item.

We found CUBIC FEET to be more accurate.

Let us explain with an example:
The average 3 seat sofa is the same SIZE as any other sofa – regardless of the materials it’s made of and their difference in weight.
A medium box is the same size as any other medium box, regardless of if it’s filled with books or clothes.
Are you starting to get the picture?

Using CF, all we have to do is measure the actual space your belongings take on the truck. Very easy and visual, both for the movers and the customers.
We multiply Height X Length X Width and charge you a RATE per CF. We do not load anything on the truck without your agreement to the final price!

Using weight, the truck needs to leave your home, go to a scale station and you find out the weight and the cost only later.
If you’re not happy with the price, there’s not much you can do, since your items are already on the truck, and you will probably be charged if you ask for them back (which most people won’t, so they’re pretty much stuck with a bill they have to pay).

So as mentioned, measuring by CF, the truck cannot leave your home without your approval so there are no surprises.

It’s very easy for any company to sell you a move by weight but if things change later, it’s much more difficult to handle.

Whichever company you choose to move you, be aware of what you are paying for!