Important Questions Towards Your Move – 2/7

What other charges could a mover charge you?

Be sure of what is and what is not included in the price you got from your mover.

Different companies offer different structures of charges.

What you need to ask is as follows:

  • Are there any additional fees such as FUEL SURCHARGE or WAREHOUSE HANDLING charges?
  • Does the offer include loading and unloading?
  • Will the mover disassemble the furniture and will he reassemble it back in your new home?
  • If you live on a higher floor, what will be the cost of going up more flights of stairs? Or to use an elevator? These things will usually cost more money as it’s more work to do by the movers.
  • What happens if the truck can’t park close enough to your home on pick-up day?

Things that may be included in the price, but are still worth to double check:

  • Do you need more logistic time to organize yourself? Do you need storage time between pick-up and delivery of your move?
  • Are your belongings insured? What kind of insurance is included?
  • Most companies offer basic wrapping of furniture with moving pads that are included. HOWEVER, disposable packing materials are at additional cost.

These are simple questions that all moving companies need to answer.

Remember to choose only a mover that tells you everything you need to know.