Important Questions Towards Your Move – 3/7

Did you choose a broker or a mover?

We believe that it’s very important that the customer knows who has possession of their belongings.

There are 2 type of licenses a mover can sell under:
They can have a license to be a broker – meaning that they just sell you the service and then sell it to an actual mover
Have a license as an ACTUAL MOVER.

Don’t get us wrong – both are completely legal, we buy moves from brokers from time to time.
But you do need to know the difference:

Although many brokers offer a good service, you never know who is actually transporting you.

What brokers do is take all your information and then find the actual moving company to sell your move to, according to their judgement and needs.
You don’t get to choose.

So you pretty much don’t know who the actual movers are, what kind of insurance coverage they have, and what exactly are their terms and conditions for the move until you meet them the actual move day; if you’re lucky, they call you a few days before the move, but not all companies do that.

Even if they do contact you, once the broker booked them, it’s a done deal – even if you’re unhappy with the moving company they chose, for whatever reason.

Again – the broker is only responsible for the price – but what about delivery time? And other conditions?

Ask your mover if he is an actual mover or a broker.
If the answer is broker, then ask who is responsible for the terms and conditions of the contract.