Important Questions Towards Your Move – 5/7

So you’re looking around your house and thinking “how am I going to pack all of this?…

There are a few things you need to know about packing for a long distance move.

If you’re moving locally, you probably think it’s easy:
– “Let’s just put everything in boxes, closed or open doesn’t matter”
– “My clothes can go in some large plastic bags”
– “I can just cover my TV with a blanket, it’s enough”
– “I’ll just load my small items on the truck as it, its ok”

These assumptions are true if your moving less than 100 miles and your things are loaded and unloaded directly to your new home.
This is not the case for long distance moves.

Long distance moves are usually split into 3 parts:
1st: The moving company gets your items out of your old home (usually in a smaller 26’ truck).
2nd: They are unloaded into a warehouse where the moving company accumulates several customers heading the same way.
3rd:  The items are uploaded into a large 53’ full trailer for delivery.

Travel distance is long and it can take many days, while your belongings are on the back of a truck that’s in motion, taking turns, with stops, bumps on the road, etc.

Your items were not designed to travel on a truck like that. That is why when you bought them they came packed and covered all around.
The same common sense applies to moving them again, especially cross country.

Technically speaking, everything needs to be in a box, wrapped with plastic covers and fragile items need to be softly-crated.
So many special items require special packing and crating, especially the heavier, larger ones – mattresses, pianos, china cabinets, etc., not to mention antiques.
There’s a reason for that. We want your items to arrive in the best possible conditions.

Also, all moving companies have basic insurance, plus the additional insurance you can add. All Insurance companies require everything to be packed properly in order to have any coverage.
No company will insure your item if it’s not packed, no matter what it’s value is.

Some company add packing services at an additional cost, but will provide some of the materials free of charge.
Ask your mover about packing, what’s included in the original quote and what is charged / offered extra!