Important Questions Towards Your Move – 6/7

Ask your mover, can my price change?

So you talked to several moving companies, did your homework, shopped around, collected quotes, asked most questions….
Maybe you think the price is appropriate, and the terms of service are exactly what you need.


Did you ask your mover and understand how and why your price could change?

If you ask these questions, probably the answers will be “if you stick to the items you told me, there shouldn’t be a difference”.

That “SHOULD” be true but “COULD” be not as well.

What happens if you forget to mention some items?
Or if you assumed you’ll be moving only 20 boxes and after you finish packing you have 3 times more?

The way companies come up with an estimate is by putting the list of your items in a special software that provides AVERAGES of sizes and weight.
But – BOTTOM LINE – you will pay for the ACTUAL space your belongings take on the truck.
The cost of shipping anything in the USA is dependent on space on the truck.

So the next question you should ask your agent is “How will the price change?”
And the answer has to be “you are now paying $$$ for X cubic feet/pounds”,
“if you happen to have more on pickup day, you will have to pay $$$ per CF/LBSs.”

Another reason why your price may change is if you require packing.
Your agent may offer you packing services for a few items or even the whole house.

Some people pack themselves so the moving company just needs to load and drive away.
Other people need packing service – this can take hours of work, wrapping and packing, crating of fragile items, etc.
This service is usually much more expensive than doing it yourself. DO NOT assume that packing comes for free.

So, what happens on move day if you didn’t pack everything? Or there are loose items? Or poorly packed items? Such as a TV or glass furniture…?
The foreman will demand proper packing. Why? Because it’s an insurance requirement! If the items are NOT properly packed, they have NO insurance.
Let’s remember packing is not cheap! Why? Because it’s a LOT of extra work.

Other charges are usually more stairs, an elevator and long carry distance.
You are paying for manual labor of loading and unloading your belongings. More work usually means more money.

MOST IMPORTANTLY – what’s written in your estimate is clear and understandable.
What’s NOT written leaves room for charges.

Make sure to choose a company that discloses everything that may be charged and avoid the disappointment of paying more without planning for it.