Important Questions Towards Your Move – 7/7

Here is a summary of the questions you need to know when choosing a mover:

  1. Am I being quoted for SPACE (in cubic feet) or by WEIGHT (in lbs)?
  2. How did the mover build my estimate?
  3. Am I paying the price on the estimate or for the actual space or weight on the truck?
  4. What other charges can apply to my move?
  5. What are the charges for using the elevator, stairs, or long distance to carry my items to the truck?
  6. Did I pack everything properly? How much will the mover charge to pack?
  7. Do I need storage time? How much will my mover charge for it and does he offer free storage time?
  8. Where is the storage located?
  9. Is my mover an ACTUAL MOVER or a BROKER?
  10. Do I want to move by myself? What expenses should I plan for if I do it myself?
  11. How should I pack my items so I don’t pay a lot more to the movers?
  12. How and why could my price change on move day?

These are the most important questions you need to ask yourself and your movers so you get a firm idea of what to expect.

The moving industry suffers from bad reputation. Some of it is because of companies failing to educate their customers on what to expect.
And some of it is due to customers who are unaware of the many different things that can affect their move.

Unlike other products such as a plane ticket or sending a package with FedEx – moving is a constantly changing product.
It involves many small things that align together in order to create the service.

The more questions you ask – the more prepared you are to plan you move and its budget.

Good luck with your move!