Terms & Conditions

Your reservation becomes effective when we have received and processed both your E-SIGNATURE and DEPOSIT

Note that the above quote is a nonbinding estimate based on the inventory list you provided, and is subject to change if you make additions or substitutions to the list. The actual cost of your move will depend on a visual estimate or the measured weight or volume of your shipment, as well as applicable charges for any other services or fees.

These Terms include the following sections:

1.     Shipping Charges
2.     Additional Services & Fees
3.     Payments
4.     The Moving Process
5.     Insurance & Claims
6.     Cancelations & Rescheduling
7.     Moves from Storage


1. Shipping Charges

a) Inclusions
Whether calculated on the basis of actual weight/volume or fixed as the revised visual estimate, shipping charges include the following:

  • Door-to-door service: pickup and delivery, seven days a week
  • Loading/unloading by professional moving crew
  • Disassembly & reassembly of furniture (except particleboard furniture)
  • Wrapping of furniture in moving blankets
  • Carry up/down one flight of stairs (7 steps)
  • 75 feet carry length between door and truck
  • One additional pickup within 15 miles of the primary pickup
  • Taxes + Mileage + Fuel + Tolls ALL included
  • Insurance coverage of $0.60 (60¢) per pound up to $5,000.00. for additional insurance check section 5
  • Warehouse storage in California (unless otherwise agreed) for 30 days
  • No warehouse handling fees

b) Nonbinding Quote
This is based either by weight or volume estimated from your inventory list. Such it is limited to the items listed and is subject to change if you add, remove, or substitute items.

c) Calculation of Charges
The final charge will be calculated from the actual weight or volume of your shipment, and may be higher than the quote. Any additional services or fees under section 2. will be charged separately. The quote is the minimum charge even if the revised estimate is lower.

d) Actual Weight
If you decide to purchase your move by weight, this will be measured at a certified public weigh station after loading. The actual weight shall be the difference in pounds (lbs.) between the weight of the moving truck before and after your shipment has been loaded. You will receive a receipt signed by a weighmaster indicating this difference.

e) Actual Volume
If you decide to purchase your move by the volume of your shipment, the actual volume will be measured after loading. The actual volume shall be the length × width × height your shipment occupies in the truck as measured in cubic feet (ft3).

e) Binding Quote
You will also receive a revised visual estimate before the truck is loaded on moving day. This is based on a visual inspection of the items you intend to ship rather than on the inventory list. The revised visual estimate will be presented to you in writing as a binding quote that you may accept or decline at your option. If you decline it, your final charge for the shipment will be calculated according to §1(b)(c)(d)(e)  above. If you accept the binding quote by signing it, your final charge for the shipment will be fixed as the revised visual estimate regardless of actual weight or volume. However, charges for additional services or fees under §2 may still apply.

2. Additional Services & Fees

a) Packing Materials & Services
i) Wrapping of furniture in moving blankets is included in your quote.
ii) The quote does not include packing for loose items or fragile items, which must be packed properly as described here. You may pack such items yourself prior to pick up, or you may request crating services from your sales agent for an additional cost. The moving crew will have disposable packing materials such as boxes, tape, bubble wrap and shrink wrap available for last-minute needs and can suggest appropriate packing strategies. Crating services and packing materials have and additional cost.
iii)  All glass has to be properly packed: TV’s, china cabinets, glass top tables, framed and glassed art, mirrors, marble counters and any other fragile items.
iv) Plastic bags are NOT accepted in the truck.
v) Mattress and box spring should be covered. There are special covers you can buy anywhere or have our movers pack for you.
vi) All insurance companies deny coverage for poor packing, remember it is in our best interest to warn you and prevent you from having any complications. 

b) Stairs
Carry up/down one flight of stairs (7 steps) is included in your quote. Because going over more stairs increases the time the moving crew spends on the loading/unloading operation, there is a $75.00 charge for each additional flight. (1 flight of stairs = 7 steps max.)

c) Elevators
Waiting/using an elevator and maneuvering boxes and furniture into and out of it increases the time spent by the moving crew on loading/unloading. There is a $75.00 charger if use of an elevator is required.

d) Long Carry
Your quote includes 75 feet of carry length between your door and the truck. If parking is not available within that distance a fee of $100 will be charged for each additional 75’.

e) Delay
A waiting fee of $50 per hour will be charged if you delay the departure of the truck after loading is completed, e.g., for last-minute packing or preparing payments.

f) Shuttle Service
Your items will be shipped on a 53-foot semi-trailer truck. If it turns out that the delivery location is not accessible to a vehicle of this size, it will be necessary to transship your items to a shuttle final delivery. In this case a fee of $1.00 per cubic foot (minimum of $250) will be charged. To avoid this additional expense and delay, please confirm the accessibility of your new address before shipment. Moving companies cannot know in advance if a shuttle is needed unless the customer checks his moving destination himself.

g) Bulky Items
Bulky items are large, irregularly-shaped items that cannot be stacked normally and/or must be handled with special elevation equipment. They include pool tables, pianos, motorcycles, and large aquariums, paintings, sculptures and safes, among others. Bulky items are not included in a full packing service deal. Bulky items additional fees are from $150. Please ask your sales agent for exact pricing.

h) Extended Storage
You may request 30 days of warehouse storage in California at no additional charge. The fee for each subsequent month of storage is $0.50 (50¢) per cubic foot, due at the beginning of the billable month. This fee also provides insurance coverage for stored items. Unless otherwise agreed, you must provide notice of your intent to withdraw your items from storage no later than 7 days before the end of a month in order to avoid incurring the fee for the next month.

3. Payments

a) Deposit Payment
You authorize the charge of $95 to your credit card as a standard booking deposit when you E-sign this document. This amount may change due to specifics of your move. This deposit will be refunded in full if you cancel at least 72 hours prior to your scheduled pickup. This payment comes off your total balance.

Last minute bookings: If you wish to schedule your move within 48 hours of booking, you must fill out a credit card authorization form authorizing the charge of 20% of the total estimate. This deposit is nonrefundable and will be applied to your final payment.

b) Pickup Payment
A minimum of 60% of the total CF or weight is due upon pickup. This payment must be made before the truck leaves your pickup location in order for your insurance coverage to become effective. You must also pay for any additional services and fees imposed at this time in full. You can make your pickup payment by:

  • Cash
  • Postal Money Order
  • Credit Card. You may use Visa or MasterCard (with a copy of the credit card and your driver’s license). we do not take Discover Card or American Express, for up to $4000 per contract. The difference can be paid with a money order also used with your credit card.
    If the cardholder is someone other than yourself, or is not present for the pickup, you must also have a signed credit card authorization form authorizing the payment.
  • Personal Check, if the delivery is scheduled for at least a week after the pickup. (For immediate delivery to a close state, a personal check will not clear before delivery and the shipment therefore cannot be insured.)

c) Delivery Payment
The delivery payment (remaining balance of the shipping charges) is due when the truck arrives at the delivery location, before it is unloaded. Insurance coverage is void if the delivery payment is made after unloading (see §5 for details on insurance claims).

 Payment for delivery only by cash or postal money order (also Walmart money orders, MoneyGram). Credit cards, personal checks, bank checks, cashier’s checks etc. are not accepted for delivery payments. You must also pay for any additional services utilized and fees imposed at this time.

d) Insurance Validity 
The insurance coverage described in these Terms is valid only if all required payments are made in full and as specified. Any disputes, adjustments, refunds etc. will be processed after full payment is made.

4. The Moving Process

a) Before the Pickup

i.  Packing
Unless you have requested crating services you will need to pack properly in boxes all loose items and fragile items. Items packed in trash bags or other plastic bags will not be accepted.

ii. Insurance
Decide whether you would like to purchase additional insurance; if so, make arrangements with your preferred insurer well in advance of your scheduled pickup.

iii. Required Information
Inform your sales agent of the first day you will be ready to accept delivery so that your belongings can be routed appropriately and scheduled for storage if necessary. You must also notify your sales agent of any changes to the inventory list and desired pickup/delivery schedule/location. Such changes may be made up to 24 hours before your scheduled picked at no extra charge. All notifications should be in writing and sent via email or fax. If you do not receive our confirmation within one business day, please call your sales agent to verify that we have received your notification.

iv. Pickup Confirmation
We will call you for confirmation the day before your scheduled pickup. This allows us to be certain that you or your authorized representative will be present for the pickup. If we are unable to reach you by 4:00 PM of the day before your scheduled pickup, we will cancel and reschedule it when we are able to contact you again.

b) Moving Day
You or an authorized representative to sign the contract and make related decisions must be present for the pickup. You must notify us if you will be appointing a representative. Your sales agent can provide an appropriate Power of Attorney (POA) form, which you should sign and then email or fax us. You or your representative can make the pickup payment with cash, postal money order or personal check. If payment is by credit card and the cardholder is someone other than yourself, or is not present for the pickup, you must have a signed credit card authorization form authorizing the payment.

c) Delivery

i. Timeframe
We try to deliver as quickly as possible and usually deliver within one to two weeks after your first available day (varies depending on where you are moving to), but we cannot guarantee delivery on a specific day. The contract is for delivery within 30 business days of the day you specify as the first day you will be ready to accept delivery. We will keep you updated as to the expected date of delivery, but this can change until the driver calls to inform you that he will be arriving the next day. The main reason being your items are shipped on a 53-foot semi-trailer truck which also carries shipments for other customers in the same region. Most moving companies use shared trucks like this; it allows us to offer lower prices, but does make delivery dates less predictable than when an entire truck is booked.

ii. Required Information
If you were unable to provide your delivery location and your first available day for delivery before pickup, you must do so as soon as possible. You must also notify your sales agent immediately if the first day you will be ready to accept delivery changes. All notifications should be in writing and sent via email or fax. If you do not receive our confirmation within one business day, please call your sales agent to verify that we have received your notification.

iii. Accessibility Confirmation
Make sure that your delivery location is accessible to a 53-foot 18-wheeler semi-trailer truck. If in doubt, you can probably find out by contacting local transportation authorities.

iv. Delivery Confirmation
The driver will call to inform you the day before he arrives and schedule a delivery time. If you are not actually ready to accept delivery on that day, we will have to charge an overnight fee or – unload in a storage and continue with other shipments. You will then be responsible to move your belongings onto your home – cost not included. Please try to avoid this at all cost and notify us BEFORE the truck is loaded about any changes to your schedule. Remember – a truck that is loaded and driving towards you cannot be stopped or rerouted without considerable additional expenses and we don’t want you to encore any more expenses.

v. Delivery
You or a representative authorized to accept delivery must be present for the delivery. Have on hand cash or a postal money order in the amount of any unpaid shipping charges, as well as some extra cash to cover any fees imposed at this time, e.g., stair, elevator or extended carry fees.

5. Insurance & Claims

a) Basic Coverage 
Basic insurance coverage of $0.60 per pound up to $5,000.00 per item is included in shipping charges.

b) Exclusions 
The following items are excluded from basic insurance coverage and we assume no liability:
i. Particleboard/chipboard/pressboard/engineered wood furniture (which can neither be shipped assembled nor easily disassembled without a significant likelihood of surface or structural damage).
ii.   Damage to hardwood floors, e.g., scratches and dents.
iii. Personal papers and IDs, e.g., passports and driver’s licenses.
iv. Prohibited items, including animals or living organisms; bank notes; coins; currency; deeds; drafts; firearms; hazardous items; illegal substances; jewelry; medication; notes; precious stones or metals; securities; toxic chemicals; and valuable papers of any kind.

v. Items left behind during the loading process. Please ensure that all items you intend to ship have been loaded before the truck departs.

c) Additional Insurance
If you desire more protection than is offered by the above-described basic insurance coverage you may purchase additional insurance from your preferred insurer. We do not have a license to sell any kind of additional insurance. We recommend to shop online for the best solution and to do it at least 48 hours BEFORE pickup.

d) Claims
Any claims must be in written form and submitted within six months of the delivery date. Payment of all charges, fees and penalties is a condition precedent and no claim will be honored unless such payment has been made.

6. Cancellations & Rescheduling

a) Pre-Pickup Cancellation
The standard booking deposit will be fully refunded if you cancel at least 72 hours prior to your scheduled pickup. The cancellation date shall be calculated according to the original date of service.

b) Pre-Pickup Scheduling
You may reschedule the pickup time or date up to 48 hours prior to your scheduled pickup at no additional charge. In this case you forfeit any right to a refund of your deposit upon subsequent cancellation.

c) Moving Day Cancellation
Cancellations within 48 hours of a scheduled pickup, and situations in which a customer fails to inform us that he will not go through with a move, are very expensive for our business. At this point it is too late to schedule another pickup for the date in question, so the truck and moving crew will be idle. For this reason, we must impose a penalty of $0.50 (50¢) per cubic foot of volume or $0.07 (7¢) per pound of weight, with a minimum of $350, if you cancel within 24 hours, refuse to allow loading, or neither you nor an authorized representative is present for the scheduled pickup. Your E-signature to this quote authorizes the charge of this moving day cancellation penalty to your credit card.

d) Post-Pickup Cancellation
If you cancel a move after pickup has occurred, your items will be offloaded to our warehouse for your retrieval. Total charges will be 70%, plus extended storage fees. If you have already paid more than 70% of your quote you will receive a refund for the excess.

e) Post-Pickup Rerouting
If you have to rearrange the delivery please contact your sales agent, but be aware that it is likely to be very expensive as it will involve the use of a local warehouse, truck and moving crew at the delivery point.

7. Moves from Storage

Moving items from a storage facility, or even from long-term storage in a garage or attic, involves a number of special considerations. Please keep the following in mind if you engage us to move your stored items:

a) Inventory List.
If your items have been in storage a long time it may be difficult to remember exactly what they are. This can affect the accuracy of your inventory list.

b) Size of Storage Unit.
If your items are in a storage facility, knowing the size of your storage and how full your unit is can help you get a more accurate quote. 

c) Packing.
Although stored items may already be packed, they may not be packed adequately for shipping. Because all loose items and fragile items must be boxed, items stored in trash bags or other plastic bags must be repacked prior to loading. You will also have to repack boxed items whose boxes have disintegrated due to moisture or insect damage. Please check the adequacy of your items packing prior to pickup to avoid extra charges for disposable packing materials required.

d) Presence at Pickup.
If your items are in a storage facility far from your residence it may be inconvenient for you to be present for the pickup. Nevertheless, you or a representative authorized to sign the contract and make related decisions must be there. Your sales agent can provide a POA if you need to appoint a representative, but please note that this cannot be an employee of the storage facility, as they are not permitted to execute legal documents on behalf of their customers.